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Tel - Aviv Yafo


Tel - Aviv Yafo is the most populous city in the largest metropolitan area of Israel, located on the Mediterranean coast of the country in the northwest of Jerusalem. It is the economic and technological center of the country.

Tel Aviv is governed by the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality and is home to many foreign embassies. Tel Aviv has the third - or fourth-largest economy and the largest economy per capita in the Middle East. The city has the 31st highest cost of living in the world.

The city receives over 2.5 million international visitors annually. It is home to Tel Aviv University, the largest university in the country with more than 30,000 students.

Tel Aviv is governed by a 31-member city council elected for a five-year term in direct proportional elections. The municipality is responsible for social services, community programs, public infrastructure, urban planning, tourism and other local affairs.

Tel Aviv has 544 active synagogues, including historic buildings such as the Great Synagogue. The population was 93% Jewish, 1% Muslim, and 1% Christian.

Eighteen of Israel's 35 major centers for the performing arts are located in the city, including five of the country's nine large theatres.

 Cooperation with Chisinau municipality

- Starting with 2004 within the partnership between the two localities, the Chisinau City Hall has provided support in obtaining the necessary information for the Tel Aviv City Hall regarding the administrative organization of Chisinau municipality.

- In 2006 the exchange of cultural experiences between the municipality of Chisinau and the municipality of Tel Aviv was ensured, by participating in the Folklore Dance Festival for children organized in the municipality of Chisinau.

- Constant mutual work visits were organized in different fields of activity of local public administration such as the organization and functioning of local public administration, public transport, public health, education system, culture between the two municipalities.

- Based on the invitation from the city of Tel Aviv, an official delegation of the Chisinau City Hall participated in the celebrations of the "White City - Tel Aviv-Yafo as World Heritage"

- During the years of collaboration, letters of invitation to various events and letters of congratulation and letters of gratitude have been addressed to different occasions.

- The general mayor of Chisinau municipality, made an official working visit to Israel, where participated in the 28th edition of the International Conference of Mayors. Mayors of cities and municipalities from over 30 states from all continents participated in the forum. During the conference, the participants had meetings with the mayors of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and Nazareth.

- Several official visits to the Chisinau City Hall of the representatives of the city of Tel Aviv have been organized, in order to deepen the Moldovan-Israeli bilateral cooperation on the dimension of the local public administration and the friendly relations between the citizens of the two cities.