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Iași, România


Located in the Moldavia region, Iasi is the most important political, economic and cultural center of the province of Moldavia as well as one of the oldest cities in Romania. Known as The Cultural Capital of Romania, Iași is a symbol in Romanian history.

 The city prides itself with publishing the first Romanian newspaper and establishing the first Romanian university.

History, culture and religious life have shaped the city unique character. Iasi boasts an impressive number of Orthodox churches, almost 100, most of them located in the so-called Golden Plateau (Platoul de Aur). The oldest, the Princely Saint Nicholas Church, dates from the reign of Stephen the Great (Stefan cel Mare, 1457-1504). The finest, however, are the 17th century St. Paraschiva Metropolitan Cathedral and Trei Ierarhi Church, the last a curious example of Byzantine art

The twinning protocol between Chisinau, Republic of Moldova and Iași, Romania was signed on January 24, 2008 in Iași, Romania, by Mr. Gheorghe Nichita, General Mayor of Iași and Mr. Dorin Chirtoaca, General Mayor of Chisinau. 

Cooperation with Chisinau municipality:

  • Signing of the twinning protocol between "George Enescu" University of Arts in Iași and the Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts in Chisinau in 2008;
  • Cooperation in the cultural field, by exchanging performances of the municipal theaters, exhibitions of the museums in the two cities, festivals promoted by the municipalities of Iasi and Chisinau, events promoting the book and reading, exhibitions of the works of plastic artists and folk crafts, etc.;
  • Response of thanks to the invitation to participate in the project "Old capitals of the Principality of Moldova" and the acceptance to participate as co-organizer at the International Economic Conference.
  • Launch by the SI "The Moldovan Post", for January 24, of the special stamp and personalized mark dedicated to the 10 Year Anniversary of the Twinning of Chisinau and Iași;
  • Iași City Hall, in collaboration with Chisinau City Hall, has launched the philatelic map dedicated to the 10 Year Anniversary of the Twinning of Chisinau and Iași;
  • Exchange of delegations and mutual visits organized constantly, on different areas of common interest. Requests for the receipt of the service delegates from Chisinau to Iași;
  • The program of organizing the summer rest for 100 children in the rest camps in Chisinau and Iași;
  • Throughout the collaboration period, letters of invitation to different events and letters of congratulation were addressed on different occasions.