Money control

Budget transparency is vital for preventing corruption and encouraging efficiency in spending public money, thus increasing citizens' trust in public authorities and their involvement in the governance process.

The transparency of a public authority's budget is extremely important for Chisinau City Hall, because this way we ensure the authorities' responsibility towards the citizens and it is clear how public money is spent. By publishing the relevant information regarding the authorities' revenues and expenses, we urge you to monitor the activity of the public authorities in terms of spending these funds. We need your involvement to increase accountability and efficiency in the administration of public money and to help prevent abuse or corruption within public institutions.

Every year, the municipal budget is published and subject to public consultation for all interested parties to express their views on the spending priorities of the public authorities. You can watch the recordings on the City Hall's YouTube channel.

Budget transparency helps us in the process of good governance and maintaining citizens' trust in public institutions. It helps prevent corruption, encourages accountability and efficiency in spending public money, and can encourage citizen participation in the governance process.

All decisions regarding the approval of the Chisinau municipal budget can be accessed here.

See also the section Transparent Budget.