Official documents

The publication of official town hall documents ensures transparency of decisions and informs citizens about local decisions and policies.

We are aware of the importance of publishing official documents and transparency in our activity.
We believe it is our responsibility to ensure that all citizens have access to relevant and up-to-date information about the municipality's activity.

That's why here you can find out about the annual budget, local development plans and projects, local policies and regulations, municipal council decisions and much more. We strive to provide easy and simple access to this information and at the same time encourage active participation of citizens in the local government process.

We believe that publishing the City Hall's official documents is important not only for ensuring transparency, but also for preventing corruption and promoting accountability. When information is available to the general public, there is greater accountability and transparency in decision-making, which reduces the risk of corruption and undue influence.

We are dedicated to promoting open and democratic government and are proud to provide detailed information about our work through the publication of official documents. We encourage you to take part in the local government process, express your views and concerns and contribute to the development of our local community.