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The strategy for the management and expansion of green spaces and the project concept for the development of the geo-informational system "Cadastre of green spaces in the city of Chisinau"


According to municipal authorities, in recent decades, the city of Chisinau has lost many hectares of green spaces due to deforestation, chaotic construction in green areas, and inadequate management, stemming from a lack of a strategic vision for the expansion of green spaces. In 1990, the area of green spaces within the city limits of Chisinau was 4,141.0 hectares, while by 2018, it had already decreased to 3,656.9 hectares. Today, the exact boundaries of green spaces, the number, species, and the phytosanitary health of trees and shrubs in the city are not known.

To address this issue, the Municipality will establish a cadastre of green spaces in Chisinau. The project concept for developing the geographic information system was approved by the Chisinau Municipal Council in October 2021. Responsible for creating the terms of reference is the General Housing and Communal Directorate, which is also tasked with developing the Strategy for the management and expansion of green spaces.

The geographic information system "Cadastre of Green Spaces in Chisinau" will contain specific information and data about all constitutive elements of green spaces – parks, public gardens, squares, as well as green spaces within block courtyards, solitary trees, etc. It will also include data about their phytosanitary condition, botanical characteristics of trees and shrubs, and their positioning on a GIS map.

The terms of reference for the development of the geographic information system "Cadastre of Green Spaces in Chisinau" were prepared in 2022. Currently, the process is at the stage of public tenders.