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Temporary inclusion in the municipal educational process of refugee children from Ukraine


Chisinau City Hall informs that 213 children from refugee families in Ukraine were temporarily enrolled in the capital preschools last week (April 11-15, 2022). At the same time, 613 children were temporarily enrolled in 49 primary and secondary education institutions, cycle I and II.

Information in this regard was presented on Monday, during the weekly operative meeting of the City Hall by Mr. Andrei Pavaloi, Deputy Head of the General Department of Education, Youth and Sports.

According to the quoted source, during the previous week, 121 children from refugee families were enrolled in extracurricular education. At the same time, 17 teachers carried out educational activities with 72 refugee minors, including in the temporary placement centers. Another 30 children benefited from activities in sports schools from Chisinau.

The Municipal Psycho-Socio-Pedagogical Center provided specialized support to 87 refugees, including individual counselors and referrals.

During the same period, 19 applications were submitted for employment in municipal educational institutions; as a result, 3 people were hired, including a physical education teacher and 2 educators.