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AGORA Project Partners Meeting - Advanced coGeneration Opinions for Reintegrating Local Assets


Chisinau City Hall informs that between April 11-14, 2022, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, took place the meeting of territorial partners, experts and Lead partner - Cluj-Napoca Municipality within the AGORA project - Advanced coGeneration Opinions for Reintegrating Local Assets, funded by the European Union through the Transnational Cooperation Program for the Danube Region, 3rd call for projects.

Thus, during the meeting, the representatives of Chisinau City Hall presented a summary of the project activities carried out during 2021, including meetings with local stakeholders in the organized workshops, as well as the draft of regeneration agenda.

The host of the event, the Mayor of Cluj-Napoca, Emil Boc, welcomed the possibility of relaunching the meetings between the participants, in physical format, after more than two years of restrictions, which will allow a concrete discussion of the common objectives approved for the implementation of this beneficial project dedicated to the communities involved.

At the same time, counterparts from Cluj-Napoca welcomed Chisinau's intentions to apply further to other similar projects.

We mention that the main purpose of creating a URA (Urban Regeneration Agenda) for Chisinau is to have an implementation tool that would allow LPA to capitalize unused or underused buildings of the property.

URA has an extended format that will allow its use for several buildings and will offer a variety of solutions to be adapted for each objective subjected to the regeneration process.

The pilot project is the testing ground for the entire URA respectively and can be classified as part of the group of "unused / underused" buildings. Thus, the building complex known as the "NATIONAL CREATION CENTER MOLDOVIAN VILLAGE - BUCIUMUL" is located in the historic center of Chisinau.

The objective in the historical core is positioned at the bottom of it, which is less developed in terms of cultural activities and social involvement. Also, the proximity to the Central Square, which is the largest outdoor shopping center in the city, generates deficiencies in accessibility and parking that must also be included in the URA.

The Project „AGORA - Advanced CoGeneration Options for Reintegrating Local Assets" within the program Interreg Danube Transnational Program, funded by the European Union is an initiative that aims to develop a platform for policy instruments empowering 10 cities in the Danube region to become pillars, catalysts and mediators for the reintroduction of unused / underused land and buildings in the productive value chain of cities.