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Study on Inventorying Streets and Developing Road Asset Management System


In October 2022, the General Directorate of Urban Mobility launched an extensive study on street inventory in Chișinău municipality.

The study is being implemented in a consortium with 'SirWay' Oy., a consulting company specialized in infrastructure management solutions from Finland.

The purpose of the document is to inventory the main and secondary streets and develop a Road Asset Management System (RAMS) on a Web GIS platform for urban and suburban roads in Chișinău.

The Road Asset Management System and the Bridge Management System, based on Web-GIS, are to be developed within a general framework for a comprehensive road maintenance management system.

The system will include the following subsystems:

Road Information Subsystem, comprising data collection, storage, and reporting on road inventory, sidewalks, structures, traffic, accidents, costs, and projects.

Planning and Policy Development Subsystem, providing tools for evaluating short and medium-term expenditure plans and policies and their impact on road network performance.

Maintenance and Design Management Subsystem, including monitoring and managing routine maintenance operations and supervising rehabilitation and construction projects.

The event presenting the study results can be watched