Policies and strategies

Through access to this information, citizens can have a better understanding of how local policies and strategies are developed to address various community issues and needs, and their impact.

Investment map of the municipality of Chisinau


The Investment Map of Chișinău Municipality aims to boost the process of attracting investments into the city's economy.

The map includes over 60 attractive investment targets across various categories such as real estate, land, social-educational, entertainment, as well as objects for public-private partnerships related to modernizing the public lighting network, implementing e-ticketing, electronic parking, alternative transportation inclusion for traffic efficiency, solid waste management, and many others.

The process of creating the map began in 2020 when the Decision on the list of investment projects proposed for implementation through public-private partnerships was approved.

Access the Investment Map on the platform https://invest.chisinau.md/. Here, the information is regularly updated, and you have access to the latest announcements about projects and investment offers in Chișinău Municipality.