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    The project of the Central Market modernization in the capital could be implemented without stopping the commercial activities

     12.05.2020 15:13    953 Views    

    The Chisinau General Mayor Ion Ceban presented today the modernization concept of the Central Market in the capital. The event took place today on the Market's territory during the visit of the Mayor to the Municipal Enterprise "Central Market".

    The document aims the renovation of trade space in stages, according to standards, the restoration of engineering networks and landscaping, the construction of parking lots for visitors, etc. The concept also includes the distribution of the seller's seats using electronic tickets. The measure will exclude over-costs, which currently exist and are not accounted for.

    The modernization of the Central Market includes updating 4 trading sectors: fruits, vegetables, the wholesale zone and the crafts sector.

    The project is implemented by the CHIȘINĂUPROIECT Municipal Design Institute, and the estimated cost is about 40 million lei.

    Through the new concept, the Chisinau Local Public Administration aims to organize a trade area with an effective management system at the organizational level, where sellers will work in good conditions, and people will be able to buy more domestic products.

    According to the Mayor, out of 5.5 hectares of the total market area, about 2 hectares are in private management. Economic agents also own sidewalk sections along Armeneasca Street. "This situation is largely due to poor governance, as well as a lack of vision for the past 20-30 years. The company needs development, both in the interests of the municipality and for citizens, the citizens often visit the most popular shopping area located in the historical center of the capital, " mentioned Ion Ceban.

    The General Mayor specified that the working group will finalize the document based on the recommendations of experts and stakeholders, and if the project receives approval from the Chisinau Municipal Council, the executive body could order to begin the modernization of the Central Market in July, this year.

    It should be noted that at present about 4 thousand trading places are offered on the Market's territory for rent to economic agents. There are also 711 booths.

    The Central Market is visited daily by about 30 thousand people.

    The draft Market Modernization Concept has been posted on the official website of the Chisinau City Hall and is to be submitted to public discussion. Subsequently, the document will be submitted for approval to the Chisinau Municipal Council.

    Conceptul de modernizare a Pieței Centrale din capitală: Ro; Rus