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The Terms of Reference for the Procurement of Services for the Update of the General Urban Development Plan of Chisinau City, including the development of Zonal Urban Development Plans and Detailed Urban Development Plans (PUG)


The changes over time, emergence of new visions and requirements regarding urban space systematization, as well as the necessity of aligning the development programs of Chisinau city and the localities within Chisinau municipality, necessitate the elaboration of the Chisinau City Landscaping Plan and the General Urban Development Plan.

Thus, in March 2020, the process of developing urban planning documentation for the territory of Chisinau city was initiated in collaboration with the State Enterprise "Chisinauproject," the Association "Center for Sustainable Development Research" from Romania, the "Investment RK" Foundation, and the "Academy of Real Estate" Training Center from Russia.

To supervise the process, a working group was created by the decision of the Mayor, tasked with monitoring the implementation of the stages of developing the concept of Chisinau city's development and the General Urban Development Plan.

The Terms of Reference were developed by the company "Urban-Design" S.R.L., which won the tender. After the presentation of the Terms of Reference, it underwent public consultation. From April 8, 2021, to May 11, 2021, five public consultations were organized for target groups.

As a culmination of the process, a public discussion of the Terms of Reference was held. During the consultations, diverse and varied communities related to the General Urban Development Plan were involved. Recommendations regarding the Terms of Reference were collected, and a table of divergences was created. Subsequent changes were made to the Terms of Reference.

Based on the changes received during public consultations, the Terms of Reference for the General Urban Development Plan were presented to the Chisinau Municipal Council, and the draft decision was approved on July 27, 2021.

After the approval of the Terms of Reference by the Chisinau Municipal Council, the municipality allocated over 20 million lei for the development of the General Urban Development Plan.

However, the funds remained unused, as all tenders organized during 2021-2022 to select the company that would develop the General Urban Development Plan failed. No participant met the conditions of the Terms of Reference.