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SATIRICUS National Thater “I. L. Caragiale” carries out the 4th edition of Theater International Fest “FESTIS”


Chisinau City Hall informs the on October 04 – 29, 2023m the SATIRICUS National Thater “I. L. Caragiale” carries out the 4th edition of Theater International Fest “FESTIS” under the title “THIN FREELY”. The event is organized under the high patronage of Chisinau City Hall.

The Festival Organizers aims to boost the artistic search for creators and producers of theatric art, for new shapes and ways to transcend the scenic ideas and emotions to our contemporary.

Thus, on the scenes and in the hallway of SATIRICUS National Thater “I. L. Caragiale” will take place the traditional presentations of spectacles, workshops, book release, press conference, seminars, etc.

Primary accent stands on mutual knowledge of theater creators.  Numerous chroniclers and theater critics, directors, playwrights, stenographers from Republic of Moldova and abroad will meet, who will give lectures on various topics.

Various Romanian band were invited to participate in the Festival, including National Theater “RADU STANCA” from Sibiu, Theater “STELA POPESCU” from Bucharest, Municipal Theater “MATEI VISNIEC” from Suceava, Cultural Centre “JEAN BART” from Tulcea, Theater “ALEXANDRU DAVILA” from Pitesti, National Theater “AURELIU MANEA” from Turda, Dramatic Theater “ION D. SIRBU: from Petrosani, Thater “DE ARTA” from Deva, Theater “DE VEST” from Resita and Cultural Centre “REDUTA” from Brasov.

Also, during the Festival will perform the band of the State Dramatic Theater from Akhaltsikhe, Georgia, with the show „ GUARD AND INVITED ” by Vaja Pșavela, but also the theater troupes from the Republic of Moldova: National Theater „ Mihai Eminescu ”, Theater „ ALEXIE MATEEVICI ”, Musical-Dramatic Theater „ BOGDAN PETRICEU-HASDEU ” from Cahul, National State Theater „ Vasile Alecsandri ” from Bălți.

Festival Host, SATIRICUS Theater Band „ I. L. Caragiale ” will present for the first time the song „ ANEA ” by A. Chekhov, directed by Dumitru Acriș.

The full program of the Festival can be accessed on the website of the SATIRICUS Theater „ I. L. Caragiale ”