The official page of the Municipality of Chisinau

Ankara, Turkey


Ankara, historically known as Ancyra and Angora, is the capital of Turkey. With a population of 4,587,558 in the urban center (2014) and 5,150,072 in its province (2015), it is Turkeys second largest city after Istanbul (the former imperial capital), having outranked İzmir in the 20th century. Although situated in one of the driest places of Turkey and surrounded mostly by steppe vegetation except for the forested areas on the southern periphery, Ankara can be considered a green city in terms of green areas per inhabitant, at 72 square meters (775 square feet) per capita.

The official twinning agreement was signed on February 12, 2004, in the city of Ankara, by Mr. Melih Gökcek, Mayor of Ankara Municipality and Mr. Serafim Urecheanu, General Mayor of Chisinau Municipality.

The agreement stipulated cultural exchanges, the organization of exhibitions and sports activities; promoting exchanges of delegations in order to become familiar with the existing projects of the two capitals; exchange of technical expertise on public transport, city planning and construction and all issues related to the municipal environment; initiation of the inhabitants of the two municipalities in the food culture by supporting and facilitating the opening and functioning of Turkish restaurants in Chisinau and Moldovan restaurants in Ankara. From the signing of the twinning agreement until now, constant mutual visits have been organized in different fields of activity of the local public administration between Ankara and Chisinau.

Based on the invitation from Ankara, an official delegation of the Chisinau City Hall participated in the Fifth Annual Global Forum Conference, organized in the Turkish capital.

By the decision of the Chisinau Municipal Council, a street in the Riscani sector of the capital was renamed in "Ankara Street", in accordance with the provisions of the Twinning Agreement.

Throughout the collaboration period, reciprocal letters of invitation to various events and letters of congratulation on various occasions were addressed.