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Chernivtsi is a city and an administrative, political and economic center for the region, although there are many in western Ukraine (North Bukovina). The city is crossed by the river Prut and covers an area of approximately 150 km2. The city is adjacent to Moldova and Romania, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil and Khmelnitsky regions of Ukraine.

The twinning agreement was signed on October 14, 2014, in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova by Dorin Chirtoaca, General mayor of Chisinau Municipality and Mr Oleksiy Kaspruk, mayor of Chernivtsi municipality.

In 2015, the Mannheim-Chisinau-Cernăuţi trilateral collaboration was initiated, through an official visit organized in Cernăuți, which laid the foundations for the writing and implementation in 2017 of a project proposal in the field of urbanism and spatial planning. The German side has submitted the application for funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Thus, the trilateral collaboration with the twin cities of Mannheim in Germany and Chernivtsi in Ukraine was ensured, through the project "Rethinking public space. Citizens are shaping their future. "(2017-2019), within the Sustainable Local Development Partnership Projects (NAKOPA), funded by Global Engagement gGmbH, the One World Community Services Agency (SKEW) on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. The aim of the project is to rehabilitate a public space in the cities of Chisinau and Cernăuți, through participatory civil lawsuits taken over from the German side. From the grant offered by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and the own contribution of Chisinau, in the central sector of the capital, the "George Coșbuc" square was refurbished, from the intersection of Alexandru Hâjdeu and George Coșbuc streets.

Between August 1 and 4, 2019, a delegation of the Chisinau City Hall participated in the inauguration event of the public space rehabilitated in the city of Cernăuți, Ukraine, in the context of the Mannheim - Chisinau - Cernăuţi trilateral project "Rethinking public space. Citizens are shaping their future "(2017-2019).

Annually, the Cernăuți City Hall organizes the celebration dedicated to the Day of the city of Cernăuți and the Saint Peter's Fair, to which an official delegation of the Chisinau City Hall is invited. The Chisinau City Hall sends invitations and receives delegates from the twin cities and partners, on the occasion of the Chisinau City Hall.



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