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Bucharest is the capital of Romania.

It is the most populated city and the most important industrial and commercial center of the country.

In 1862 it became the capital of the United Principalities. Since then it has undergone continuous changes, becoming the center of the Romanian artistic, cultural and media scene. Its elegant architecture and urban atmosphere gave it the nickname "Little Paris" in Belle Époque. The population number makes Bucharest the sixth city as population in the European Union.

From an economic point of view, Bucharest is the most prosperous city in Romania, and is one of the main industrial centers and transport hubs in Eastern Europe. The city has facilities for conventions, educational institutions, cultural areas, shopping centers, and recreational areas.

The city is administered by the Bucharest City Hall, has the same administrative level as the Romanian counties and is divided into six sectors, each administered by a sector City Hall.

Cooperation with Chisinau municipality:

The first steps, which were the basis of the relations between Bucharest and Chisinau, were made in 1991, by signing a protocol on cultural cooperation, which was achieved by offering, by the City Hall, a grant in the form of gradual donations of goods. as well as the organization of projects in this cultural field and periodic cultural exchanges.

The twinning agreement between the municipality of Chisinau, the Republic of Moldova and the municipality of Bucharest, Romania was signed on November 4, 1999 in Bucharest, Romania by Mr. Viorel Lis, the General Mayor of the municipality of Bucharest and Mr. Serafim Urechean, the General Mayor of the municipality of Chisinau.

By signing the Twinning Agreement, the existence of mutual relations is confirmed and the idea of ​​promoting the exchange of information, knowledge and experience in the field of local administration, education, culture, support and encouraging the links between the economic agents in Bucharest and Chisinau is confirmed, as well as the substantial contribution to the material contribution to all types of collaboration:

• The Signing of a new the Cooperation Program between the Chisinau and Bucharest municipalities in 2018 has stipulated the deepening of the cooperation in the fields of: transport, education, culture and tourism;

• In the framework of the Cooperation Program between Chisinau and Bucharest, two buses were donated by the Bucharest City Hall;

• Signing the protocol for receiving the book donation - 2000 copies total, from the M. Sadoveanu Metropolitan Library, from Bucharest;

• Launch of the reading program of the Municipal Library B.P. Hasdeu, "Chisinau reads", which reached its 15th edition;

• Permanent cultural exchange with the various cultural institutions in Bucharest;

• One of the main streets in the center of Chisinau city is named after the capital of Romania, Bucharest;

• Throughout the collaboration period, letters of invitation to different events and letters of congratulation were addressed on different occasions.

• The Administration of Sector 1 of the Municipality of Bucharest granted aid in the form of a Grant amounting to 920,423, 18 Euros, approved for Chisinau, for the financing of the project "Reconstruction" of granite stairs " in Chisinau municipality, part of the project "Reconstruction of the accumulation lake "Valea Morilor",. The project was successfully completed and inaugurated in September 2019;