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Alba Iulia, Romania


Alba Iulia is a city in the west-central part of Romania, located on the Mureș River in the historical region of Transylvania.

One of the oldest settlements in Romania, known in ancient time as Apulum, Alba Iulia served as the largest military and economic center during the Roman occupation. Temples, mosaics, statues, amphitheaters, the governor's palace "Daciarum Trium" - all rendered the original Dacian Apulul as the miniature copy of the mother Rome.

In the old town visitors can stroll along the wide, tree-lined streets of the Habsburg citadel, one of the most impressive in Europe, to discover the historical, cultural and architectural places of interest of Alba Iulia.

The official twinning agreement between Chisinau municipality, Republic of Moldova and Alba Iulia municipality, Romania was signed at December 1st, 2011 at Alba Iulia, Romania by Mr. Mircea Hava, General Mayor of Alba Iulia municipality and Mr. Dorin Chirtoacă, General Mayor of Chisinau municipality.   

Cooperation with Chisinau Municipality:

  • The relations between Chisinau and Alba Iulia started to develop in 1990. A conclusive proof is that we have a boulevard and a library named Alba Iulia in Chișinău;
  • Under the twinning agreement, the local authorities of Chisinau and Alba Iulia aim to strengthen the relations between the two cities by implementing a number of joint projects, mainly in the cultural and social spheres;
  • Constant reciprocal working visits were organized in different fields of activity of the local public administration;
  • Support from the City Hall of Alba Iulia for the editing and launch of the book "Crown of ashes" by the author Maria Hâncu, in 2012;
  • A collaboration project with a team of architects and engineers from Alba Iulia in order to renovate the building of the "Gheorghe Asachi" Theoretical High School;
  • The events in the Parade of the Guard of Honor of the Alba Carolina Fortress at the Chisinau City Hall in 2012, 2013 and 2014;
  • Conferences and trainings offered by the Alba Iulia City Hall for the representatives of the local public administration from Chisinau on the writing, application and management of the projects financed by the European Union;
  • Documentation visits were made to the Day Center for the Elderly, the Asylum for the Elderly and the Recovery Center for Children with Autism, institutions that have been renovated and meet all the activity requirements as a result of European funding;
  • A series of meetings with the architects and engineers from Alba Iulia were organized regarding the project of renovating the public buildings in Chisinau;
  • The Chisinau City Hall organized the participation of a delegation of 7 artists from Chisinau municipality at the Days of the Fortress of Alba Iulia;
  • Attendance of the Gândul Mâţei troupe from the Chisinau City Hall at the concert organized by the Alba Iulia City Hall on the occasion of the Days of the City of Alba Iulia, May 2013;
  • Continuous collaboration of the library in Alba Iulia with the branch "Alba Iulia" of B.P. Hasdeu from Chisinau;
  • Participation of representatives of Chisinau municipality in the events organized on the occasion of the Days of the City of Alba Iulia and of the National Day of Romania over the years.