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    The Concept draft on the parking system development in Chisinau

     11.05.2020 07:25    2943 Views    

    The Chisinau Municipality presents for public consultation the Concept for the Development and Management of the City Parking System in Chisinau Municipality.

    The document is a concept of public policy and reflects the municipality's vision on the management of the urban parking system in the context of developing sustainable urban mobility.

    Currently, as a result of the absence of any regulatory mechanisms, parking in Chisinau is a chaotic and uncontrolled phenomenon.

    The lack of an efficient parking management process raises a number of problems, such as:

    • Parking in inappropriate places (sidewalks and green spaces);
    • Blockage of access for various emergency vehicles (ambulance, special vehicles for first aid);
    • Obstruction of public transport and the movement of pedestrians and cyclists;
    • Deterioration of visibility of other road users;
    • Creating traffic jams and slowing down traffic;
    • Deterioration of the aesthetic appearance of urban areas;
    • The degradation of pedestrian infrastructure and urban public spaces.

    As a result, there is a decrease of alternative modes of transport (public transport, walking, cycling), which further encourages travel by cars. Therefore, it is very likely that the number of cars to increase.

    Therefore, the purpose of this document is to determine the principles and policies for managing the supply and demand of parking in the Chisinau municipality, including the measures and mechanisms by which these policies will be implemented.

    At the same time, the document contains measures that the municipality proposes to implement in the period 2020-2040 for the development of parking lots in the city and their management, such as street parking, construction of parking spaces, the introduction of the Park Drive system and paid parking lots.

    By developing and implementing these measures, the Chisinau City Hall aims to widely promote sustainable mobility by using alternative modes of transport to the detriment of a personal car for daily trips.

    The concept is developed based on the recommendations made by specialized international organizations and is widely used by the European Union city authorities and around the world.

    Recommendations on the document subject to public discussion can be sent by June 15, 2020 to the email addresses: primaria@pmc.md, chironda.victor@gmail.com  Contact person is Mr. Victor Chironda, Deputy Mayor for Urbanism and Urban Mobility.