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Thematic fair “Butoias”, taking place at the Poultry Market from Carbunari street.


The Chisinau City Hall informs that during the period of November 01-30, 2023, on the territory of the Poultry Market from 9, Carbunari street, takes place the thematic fair “Butoias” (barrel), arranged by the “Central Market” M.E. At the fair you can find seasonal agricultural goods, including grapes and winemaking accessories.

A directive in this regard has been signed by the deputy mayor Ilie Ceban.

According to the administrative act, the “Central Market” M.E. will be in charge to prepare and furnish the commercial dedicated spaces for the theme of the fair, to monitorize the development of the commercial event and ensure the compliance with the law.

Chisinau City Hall invites the citizens to participate at the fair, where they can find a good environment and benevolent sellers.