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  • The experts from the "Master's Plan" Association from Russia presented the preliminary analysis, in order to prepare the urban development documents of Chisinau

The experts from the "Master's Plan" Association from Russia presented the preliminary analysis, in order to prepare the urban development documents of Chisinau


Chisinau City Hall informs that the members of the Moscow "Master's Plan Association, who are in Chisinau these days for consultation with the local authorities in the elaboration of the Chisinau Planning Plan and the General Urban Plan, have today convened face-to-face with decision-makers from the municipal subdivisions/enterprises and members of the CMC factions. The meeting was also attended by local experts from the field of architecture and urbanism, historians, representatives of the associative sector, etc.

Russian specialists informed about the results of the preliminary analysis on the situation on the ground, and the work plan for the elaboration of the Planning Plan of Chisinau, but also to determine how to work together in the future for the joint elaboration of strategic urban development documents.

The experts presented a work plan to be taken into account in the process of drawing up the two documents. Thus, their activity will be organized in 2 stages, as follows:

Stage I: Planning Plan (PAT) of Chisinau until 20 October, 2020;

Stage II: Development of the concept of the regional plan "Strategy for sustainable socio-economic development", the deadline - 20 January 2021.

Thus, for the preparation of the two documents, PAT and General Urban Plan PUG, the experts will examine issues relating to:

- construction of the ring road of Chisinau municipality; 

- construction between sectors in the capital of additional sections of road; 

- the displacement of the North Auto Station outside the city; 

- reanimation of tram lines and expansion of the city; 

- displacement of the administrative center at the intersections of Albişoara streets - Mihai Viteazul;

- creating a connection between the rest areas and the city centre (Vadul ui Voda, Vatra); 

- construction of communications networks and IT technologies; 

- construction of a modern market on the outskirts of the city; 

- development of areas near Chisinau Airport and or. Sangera; 

- tightening of requirements towards construction companies in the municipality; 

- implementation of a regulatory framework (similar to that of Moscow).

We specify that the Supervisory Group for the elaboration of urban development documents includes: municipal councilors from all factions, representatives of municipal subdivisions and civil society, who will follow the execution of the two projects.

Present at the meeting, Ion Ceban, the General Mayor underlined that throughout the elaboration of the strategic documents: the Chisinau spatial planning plan and the General Urban Plan, public consultations will be carried out, at different levels, with the inhabitants from various fields: business, scientific community, associative sector, etc.

"We intend for all those interested to participate in this planning process, because now the direction of development of the city will be established for many years ahead, and we want to build a modern and well-arranged city. I thank my colleagues from the Russian Federation and from Bucharest for the expertise offered ", the Mayor of the capital also mentioned.