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The Tourism Development Strategy for the period 2022-2026, "Chisinau - Tourist Capital," outlines a five-year plan for promoting tourism in Chisinau


This document was developed by the General Directorate of Economy, Commerce, and Tourism of the Chisinau Municipal Council (CMC), with the support of the National Association of Inbound and Domestic Tourism of Moldova (ANTRIM), urban architecture and history experts, as well as input from the business community. Its primary objective is to identify the tourism, historical, human, social, and economic potential of Chisinau and explore opportunities for tourism development in the city.

The Tourism Development Strategy was created to drive sustainable development and establish clear reference points for improving the city's tourist image, creating a unique identity, and diversifying the tourism offerings.

The authors of the strategy have set several achievements to be reached by 2026. The strategy outlines the goals, the underlying principles, and the steps to be taken to achieve these objectives. These were discussed in a public debate titled "Tourism Development Strategy for Chisinau - Tourist Capital 2022-2026."



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