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Spatial arrangement for commercializing the handicrafts within the city center


Chisinau City Hall informs that the works for spatial arrangement for treaders of handicrafts and souvenirs located on the "Eugen Doga" Pedestrian Street have been completed.

In total, 21 shops stands were installed, which will be used during the temporary development of the craft fair, and during the absence of sellers they can be used as street furniture, being made of durable, strong and easy to use material.

The project was developed under the concept proposed by designers Mihail Stamati and Andrei Gramatschii, and represent installations with minimal architectural impact on the street landscape. On the installed supports, as well as on the vertical stands, there are stylistic elements of the country brand "Tree of Life".

Also, in order to diversify the range of sold items, the municipality will ensure their supply according to the principle of rotation, to applicants for trade permits.

In this context, the General Mayor, Ion Ceban, mentioned that by carrying out this project, which also involves relocating the painters on Columna Street, the municipality fulfilled one of the previously assumed objectives of having an art alley in Chisinau, which will serve as an attraction for tourists.

During 2020, the capital's authorities have developed new location schemes for art exhibitions on the pedestrian alley on Columna Street and on the "Eugen Doga" Pedestrian Street for the relocation of traders of paintings, handicrafts and souvenirs, who previously worked in the Theater square. "Mihai Eminescu" from the city center, recently renovated.

During 2020, the capital authorities developed new schemes for the location of art exhibitions on the pedestrian alley on Columna street and on the "Eugen Doga" pedestrian street, for the relocation of the traders of paintings, craft objects and souvenirs.

 They have previously been working in the "Mihai Eminescu" Theater's square in the center of the city, which has recently been renovated.