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The municipality has joined the "Just Test" Campaign


Chisinau City Hall has joined the "Just Test" Campaign, initiated by the A.O. "Positive Initiative on HIV Testing.

The action was also attended by the Mayor General, Ion Ceban, who mentioned that it is important to prevent any danger by periodic testing for the virus. We promote an inclusive and tolerant attitude towards those around us, regardless of their HIV status. "Today, according to the rules of the launched campaign, we sent it to the Local Public Administrations in Cahul and Balti, but also to the Government. I invite every official who wants to get tested for HIV status," said the mayor of the capital.

Ion Ceban also specified that all the actions taken by the municipality are a way to invest in a safe and healthy present and future of our citizens.

Thus, between 2020 and 2021, the Municipal Action Plan for HIV / AIDS Prevention and Control was approved, which includes specific objectives, tasks and activities of information and prevention, as well as performance indicators, with financial support from the municipal budget.

At the current stage, the approval of the Municipal Plan for 2022 is in the final phase, after which the elaboration of a Municipal Program for a period of 5 years will begin.