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Testing of the first 6 new specialized vehicles purchased by the Municipal Enterprise "Autosalubritate”


The City Hall of Chisinau Municipality announces that the first 6 new specialized vehicles, recently acquired by the M.E. "Autosalubritate," have been successfully tested by a group of international experts prior to deployment.

Together with the specialists from the municipal sanitation operator, they assessed the technical performance of the vehicles and the equipment provided, in order to ensure compliance with contractual requirements. The waste evacuation transport units are of the ATRICOD model based on MAN chassis and were acquired under the "Solid Waste Chisinau" Project, funded by the Municipality of Chisinau and international investors.

These new waste collection trucks will replace the old ZIL model vehicles, enhancing the efficiency and reducing the collection and transportation time for waste, even from hard-to-reach areas.

It is worth mentioning, that the 6 specialized vehicles were delivered to the M.E. "Autosalubritate" by the Serbian company ATRIKOD d.o.o., the winner of the tender conducted in accordance with the procurement procedure of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, within the "Solid Waste Chisinau" project, Lot I. The total value of the acquisition is 1.2 million EUROs.