The official page of the Municipality of Chisinau

Citizens can access the webpage - "," which contains open data regarding local governance


The City Hall of Chisinau Municipality informs that citizens can access the recently launched webpage -, which contains open data to facilitate access to documents and procedures of the municipal administration, thus encouraging transparency and accountability in local governance.

The "Transparency Portal" -, represents a web interface organized by areas of public interest, containing accurate and official information provided by the City Hall of Chisinau.

In this manner, citizens can access information about the activities of the Chisinau Local Public Administration (APL), the local budget, public expenditures, auction and procurement results, the issuance of permits, certificates, and notifications, local policies and strategies, vacant positions, as well as other relevant information.

Furthermore, the "Transparency Portal" is not merely a passive source of information but also an interactive tool that allows citizens to participate in the decision-making process and contribute to the good governance of the city.

The portal -, is a project undertaken by the Chisinau City Hall to enhance public trust in municipal institutions and promote a culture of integrity and responsibility.

We emphasize that information regarding projects carried out by the Chisinau City Hall, as well as the use of public funds, can be accessed on the following webpages:,,,,