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10 Day Care Centers for children and family of vulnerable social groups have been recently launched.


Chisinau City Hall, through the General Department for Children’s Rights Protection, and UNICEF Moldova support, has recently launched 10 Day Care Centers for children and families of vulnerable social groups, two specialized facilities in each district of the capital.

Beneficiary of these Day Care Centers are boys and girls between 7-18 years old and their families, inclusively refugees. Also, the services of the facility can be accessed at the request of the parents or tutelary authority.

The service is offered according to an individual program of services, prepared by specialists, together with the child and his family, accordingly to their necessities.

To satisfy the demand of beneficiaries needs, within the day care centers are offered vouchers for purchasing of clothes and shoes.

Offering this help the specialized municipal authorities, with the support of UNIVEF, would like to help directly the families and children who requires support to maintain a decent lifestyle.

How does the voucher work?

  • The voucher is offered according to the individual service plan, prepared together with our specialist, which are able to identify the specific needs of each family and child.
  • These vouchers are used particularly for clothes and shoes, at partner shops.
  • The vouchers are offered periodically, according to the necessities and available resources. Through this initiative, we wish to offer help and contribute to the increase in the quality of life for 100 children and their families of our community. We are confident that this measure will bring a plus to the commodity and security of our beneficiaries, making one more step forward and promoting an environment of healthy family and stimulative for kids.

Thank you to our partners, UNICEF Moldova, for the support they are offering to support our vision to build a solidary and emphatically society.

Our Social Service has been developed as a result of the signed Memorandum of Understanding between UNICEF Moldova and Chisinau Municipality, which states about offering technical assistance for accomplishment of children and teenagers rights in Chisinau Municipality.