The official page of the Municipality of Chisinau

On the webpage "," you can consult the implemented or ongoing projects in the Municipality of Chișinău


The City Hall of Chisinau informs that the webpage "" ( contains updated information about the most important projects, actions, and events carried out by the Chișinău Local Public Administration (APL) in the last four years.

Thus, on the web platform, approximately 1000 implemented or ongoing projects are available for viewing in both text and image format. These projects are categorized into 9 categories: policies; infrastructure; transportation; health/social assistance; education; sports; culture/tourism; waste management; suburbs.

Each publication contains a concise description of a specific project, event, public service provided, or investments made in municipal-level institutions. Users access brief information and can then acquaint themselves with additional data regarding the project they are interested in.

Additionally, information about the costs and allocations for each project is presented. Projects funded from the municipal budget are mentioned, as well as others that are realized with contributions from various partners.

The platform is available in English and Russian versions. The translations of the information on the site allow citizens, investors, and tourists to learn about the municipality's initiatives and explore the potential of the city of Chișinău.

It should be noted that the platform primarily refers to projects in the city of Chișinău but also includes information about projects carried out by the City Hall in suburban localities, under the "Suburbii" category, on the same platform. Information about the suburbs can be accessed on a separate online platform dedicated to the localities within the municipality - "" (

We emphasize that information about projects undertaken by the Chișinău City Hall, as well as the use of public funds, can be accessed on the following webpages:,,,,