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    Deputy Mayor Ilie Ceban paid a working visit to Riga, Latvia

     17.02.2022 09:48    994 Views    

    Deputy Mayor Ilie Ceban had a working visit to the Latvian city of Riga (14-15 th February) at the invitation of the Latvian company "Rigas Satiksme" on the preliminary assessment of the technical condition of SKODA 24 TR trolleybuses, for the improvement of the rolling stock of the "Regia Transport electric Chisinau" (RTEC).

    The delegation also included the adviser to the Mayor General, Vladimir Mitru, and the director of Chisinau Public Electric Transport Company, Dorin Ciornîi.

    "Rīgas Satiksme" is a municipal public transport and infrastructure company that promotes an accessible, modern and sustainable public transport system.

    The delegation from Chisinau City Hall visited the Trolleybus Park in Riga, where they had the opportunity to examine in detail the technical condition of the transport units, but also the negotiation of the circumstances and terms, in the context of a prospective collaboration.

    Deputy Mayor Ilie Ceban said that the modernization and expansion of the trolleybus network is a priority for the municipality.

    We remind you that at the end of 2020, Chisinau  LPA purchased from the city of Riga, 25 used trolleybuses, of which 20 classic units of SKODA 24 TR Irisbus model and 5 articulated units, of GANZ Solaris TROLLINO 18 model.