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    The General Mayor took part in the Municipal Youth Forum

     31.07.2020 12:26    280 Views    

    The General Mayor, Ion Ceban, participated on Friday in the opening of the Municipal Youth Forum, an event organized online by the General Department of Education, Youth and Sports, in partnership with the Municipal Youth Center of GDEYS, which comes to establish the needs of this category of population.

    In his speech, the Mayor of the capital expressed his openness to cooperation with talented and energetic young people, who can change things and life in society in a better way. At the same time, Ion Ceban urged them to cooperate with the local public administration, which is ready to support them in various projects.

    "I want the Chisinau City Hall to have a good Youth Advisory Council, and expect such an initiative from you through official or informal organizations. We are open to cooperation both in terms of employment, but also in terms of the economic employment of young people. I am ready to support the development of business among young people, as well as various services for them ", said Ion Ceban.

    In this context, the Mayor expressed his hope that in a short time Chisinau will become the European Youth Capital.

    The Municipal Youth Forum includes 7 discussion panels: youth participation and non-formal education;  Youth economic integration - good practices in doing business; employment, services provided by General Employment Department; the well-being and health of young people; High-quality and youth-friendly services; personal branding of young people in the online environment; implementation of the project Chisinau - European Youth Capital, where about 140 people have the opportunity to participate.

    It should be mentioned that Chisinau City Hall has several programs and initiatives for youth, such as:  the Municipal Award in the fields of Science, Technology, Literature, Art and Civic Activism; Merit Award for the best students and athletes in the city; organizing and carrying out events dedicated to various profile holidays, such as National Youth Day, International Student Day, Volunteer Day, etc.

    Moreover, the General Department of Education, Youth and Sports of the Chisinau Municipal Council has as a priority for 2020 the launch of the Municipal Grants Program for youth organizations and initiative groups. It aims to support and develop the non-governmental youth sector in the municipality, which will provide logistical and financial support to youth initiatives, programs and projects, based on the contest, thus strengthening cooperation with civil society. For the implementation of this project, the Chisinau Municipal Council allocated 200 thousand lei. At the same time, 100 thousand lei are offered by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, as support under the Youth Centers Development Program. 

    Also, the Chisinau Local Public Administration aims to develop a Municipal Strategies for the development of the Youth sector, through which to strengthen municipal and non-governmental structures in the youth field.