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    The General Mayor, Ion Ceban, in conversation with the Union of Architects of Moldova's representatives

     15.07.2020 16:26    516 Views    

    Today, General Mayor  Ion Ceban held a thematic discussion with members of the Union of Architects, specialists in architecture and urbanism.

    The parties assessed the situation on the areas of interest: design, construction authorization in areas without approved urban documentation, elaboration of planning documents: GUP, UAP, strategies, concepts, etc. Also,  were discussed the situation regarding UAP for the Center District, the intentions regarding the historical patrimony objectives, as well as the information on the activity of the thematic working groups to advice on planning fields.

    The event was also attended by Deputy Mayor Victor Chironda and the City's chief architect Svetlana Dogotaru.

    The discussions between the local public authorities and the architects aimed at developing operational recommendations that would contribute to the implementation of urban policies, for the benefit of its population.  

    Ion Ceban mentioned that, currently, Local Public Administration Chisinau has several ongoing projects in the field of urbanism, architecture and landscaping, and one of the major and main projects is the development of the Chisinau Land Planning Plan as well as the Chisinau General Urban Plan. "If the Chisinau Municipal Council will approve the action plan on these intentions, then within 18-20 months, the strategic development documents of the municipality would be developed and approved," the Mayor said.

    Meanwhile, until the approval of the new General Urban Plan, the municipality intends to work on the development of other areas that need regulatory documents: the Center zone, the Malina Mică area, Mesager and about 15-20 other large zones.

    Another important task for the municipality in the field of architecture and urbanism is the elaboration of the  Real-estate Heritage management  Program of the local importance.

    Ion Ceban noted that in order to achieve this initiative requires joint work of partners, local and international experts, and investment of funds.

    In parallel with the strategic projects, the City Hall also carries out the reform of the General Department of Architecture, Urbanism and Land Relations (GDAULR). Thus, the draft GDAULR regulation is currently being reviewed by experts, following that after the approval by Chisinau Municipal Council a modernized department will be consolidated, provided with the necessary tools to manage the urban development processes.

    An important factor for the field of architecture and urban development is the outdoor advertising industry. In this regard, the concept of the policy on the location and authorization of external advertising objectives was revised, taking into account the limits of the public interest to have a well-designed city and to accumulate more taxes in the budget for development.

    Thus, a Regulation was elaborated on the placement and authorization of advertising and display media in Chisinau. The document is in the final stages of preparation and once approved, the Regulation will bring more clarity on how to place outdoor advertising in the city.