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    Cleaning up the Durlești riverbed

     11.07.2020 09:27    350 Views    

    The General Mayor, Ion Ceban, inspected the progress of the cleaning works of the Durlești riverbed on a length 550-meters, from Gh. Codreanu street to the entrance to Moldexpo, which started two weeks ago.

    The executors of the works are two economic agents who have built housing complexes in the area. According to the project, the riverbed will be expanded and deepened by 2 meters. The cleaning project was developed by the "Acvaproiect" Institute.

    According to the General Mayor, the arranging of the Durlești river requires a complex approach, and the bridge in Gheorghe Codreanu street needs to be restored in order to increase capacity in this sector. "With the execution works, the flooding of houses and flats in the area of ​​Cornului and Ghioceilor streets will be avoided", mentioned Ion Ceban.

    Also, on another part of the river, with a length of 2 kilometers, riverbed cleaning works were started in 2016. In this context, 15 million lei were provided from the municipal budget.

    The Durlești riverbed has not been cleared for over 30 years. Subsequently, the City Hall of the Buiucani district will carry out landscape works for the improvement of this territory.