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    The General Mayor met with the representatives of war veterans' associations in Chisinau

     29.05.2020 12:49    283 Views    

    Ion Ceban the General Mayor met today with the representatives of the veterans' associations from the municipality at their request.

    The representatives of the war veterans from Transnistria and Afghanistan informed the General Mayor about the problems they face in relation to the local public administration authorities including those regarding the non-execution of judgments on housing insurance for veterans, the amendment of administrative acts which would allow the redistribution of housing spaces to this category of citizens, the solution of housing-communal issues and the attitude of certain profile services for the problems invoked by citizens.

    Other topics referred to the provision of free medical services, the allocation of non-residential spaces for the needs of veterans, the repair of monuments, the provision of free funeral processions for veterans with merits, etc.

    During the meeting the General Mayor invited to discussion several representatives of the municipality responsible for the areas for which issues were raised and gave instructions to monitor the situation for the cases.

    Ion Ceban had a severe message towards the targeted officials: either he solves the current problems stated by the veterans or he resigns. Also, the heads of the Housing and Communal Department and of the General Department of Economy, Reforms and Patrimonial Relations are going to report on Monday at the operative meeting on the issues presented to the dialogue with the veterans.

    For certain subjects, such as the need to take over certain apartments from real estate developers in exchange for the granting of construction land which requires the involvement of the Chisinau Municipal Council the Mayor suggested to representatives of the veterans' associations to come and expose themselves to the meeting of the Permanent Bureau of the CMC which will be convened next week.  

    The parties agreed to hold meetings once a month to monitor the resolution of veterans' problems which fall within the competence of the local public administration.