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    Signing of the Cooperation Agreement with the RK Investment Fund

     23.04.2020 10:14    741 Views    

    Chisinau City Hall signed a cooperation agreement with the RK Investment Fund a subsidiary of the Roscongress Foundation (100%) and the "Academy of Real Estate".

    The main areas that the Chisinau LPA aims with the assistance of RK-Investment are: achieving the UN objectives for Sustainable Development in Chisinau by attracting investments and expanding international cooperation; implementing a series of investment and infrastructure projects important for the capital including the elaboration of the General Urban Plan of the capital and the creation of the Joint Center for project management.

    The signed document also provides for the consolidation of actions in various fields including assistance in developing a long-term development strategy for the territories administered by the Chisinau LPA; developing and adopting a comprehensive strategy and implementation plans for the UN Sendai Framework on Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030; implementation of strategies and measures aimed at developing the road transport infrastructure of Chisinau; creation and implementation of an information support system for urban development, based on the use of modern ICT, a unified geo-information space of Chisinau municipality, digital model of the territory and buildings; as well as cooperation in the field of promoting innovation and advanced technological solutions.

    Ion Ceban, the General Mayor thanked the Russian parties for the openness and support they are willing to give to the Chisinau City Hall in the elaboration of the development strategy of the municipality and other urban development documents.

    "This area needs to be completely revised given the fact that so far Chisinau does not have a General Urban Plan and we intend to achieve this. Our collaboration with the Russian specialists and the support coming from them will contribute to the improvement of the situation on the strategic fields of development of the municipality as well as the updating of the strategic documents ", mentioned the Mayor of the capital.

    For his part, Alexander Stuglev, the director and president of the Roscongress Foundation said that despite the difficult epidemiological situation associated with the global coronavirus pandemic, Roscongress continues to develop trade and economic ties abroad contributing to the support and development of external economic activity.