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In the context of the Family Day and International Children's Day, 300 food packages were distributed to the beneficiaries


Chisinau City Hall informs that were distributed 300 packages of food to certain categories of beneficiaries in the city, in the context of the Family Day and International Children's Day holidays. 100 packages from the entire lot will be sent to the homes of people who cannot travel.

In total, in the current period, 1500 food packages were granted: to families with children, to the visually impaired, to the hearing impaired, to the disabled, to the elderly.

The help comes from Chisinau City Hall, with the support of the Turkish Agency for Cooperation and Coordination (TIKA) in the Republic of Moldova.

Present at the event, the Mayor General, Ion Ceban, stated that the number one priority for the Local Public Administration is to help the inhabitants of the municipality, so that every citizen feels a member with equal rights within the community.

At the same time, it should be mentioned that, along with the many forms of assistance provided, Chisinau City Hall will continue to focus its efforts on developing, and implementing local policies, focused on people's needs.