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The Street Design Guide for the Municipality of Chisinau


The purpose of this guide is to establish a mechanism for creating a street system capable of accommodating the city's growth, providing efficient transportation options, and ensuring a pleasant living environment.

This document aims to provide a clear, systematic, and comprehensive framework for the design and construction of streets, taking into account street typologies and user needs.

The primary objective of this document is to set guidelines for designing streets in Chișinău to transform them into multifunctional, safe, comfortable, and vibrant public spaces.

Achieving this goal is only possible by integrating the functional requirements of all street users and ensuring equitable allocation of available space for all types of users.


Partea I. Decizia nr. 11/8 din 14 iulie 2020

Partea II. Decizia nr. 11/8 din 14 iulie 2020

Partea III. Decizia nr. 11/8 din 14 iulie 2020

Partea IV. Decizia nr. 11/8 din 14 iulie 2020