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(Video) (Video) The traditional Youth Forum took place in Chisinau


On Sunday, May 26, the traditional Municipal Youth Forum was held in the capital. The event takes place annually and brought together active young people from the capital.

The evening ended with an exceptional concert by Satoshi in the Digital Park Garden at 15 Mihai Viteazul Street.

At the same time, during the youth meeting, the awarding of the Grant Certificates to the winning youth organisations within the Municipal Grant Programme for Youth Organisations, edition 2024, took place.

At the opening of the forum, General Mayor Ion Ceban mentioned that for the current edition, colleagues from the Municipal Youth Centre have registered multiple requests from young people interested in participating in this traditional event.

"I am honoured to see that more and more young people are coming to our Youth Centres and I congratulate, on this occasion, my colleagues in the youth wing who have already recorded 5 years of activity in this field. Over time, we have managed to increase enormously the capacity and the possibility to be with an increasing number of young people with the foundation and modernization of the 5 municipal youth centres, through various services provided to the beneficiaries", concluded Ion Ceban.

The Municipal Youth Forum aims to identify solutions and actions necessary for an efficient development of the youth sector.

Forum objectives:

To present the results of the sociological survey with the participation of young people in order to identify the needs, aspirations and difficulties faced by young people in Chisinau municipality;

Prioritization of objectives and identification of solutions to solve the challenges, drafting and approval of a resolution on the identified challenges and solutions;

Empowerment of young people to be actively involved in the development and implementation of public policies in the field.