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The visit of the UNHCR Moldova representative to the Patria LukOil Municipal Refugee Placement Center


Today, the UNHCR Representative in the Republic of Moldova, Francesca Bonelli, visited the Municipal Center for Temporary Refugee Placement, located in the former Patria Lukoil cinema, at 7/5 Studentilor Street.

During the visit, Francesca Bonelli was accompanied by the deputy mayor of the branch, Angela Cutasevici, who communicated to the guests about the support offered by the municipality in order to support the Ukrainian refugee citizens in Chisinau.

The deputy mayor spoke about the actions taken by the City Hall in order to manage the refugee problem in Ukraine.

Francesca Bonelli also wanted to visit the spaces arranged for accommodation, the medical point, but also the warehouse at the Refugee Placement Center. There was also a presentation of educational and fun activities organized for children, with the support of social educators and psychologists.

The UNHCR representative appreciated the situation at the Center and thanked the municipal authorities for their efforts to help refugees.

Hundreds of people, refugees from Ukraine, go to the point of collection and distribution of donations from the Ukraine, with the list of products they need every day, and the municipal employees together with the volunteers release the requested goods.