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The Mayor General pays a working visit to Grenoble


The Mayor General, Ion Ceban, pays a working visit to Grenoble, France, on May 30-31, 2022, within the invitation of his counterpart, Eric Piolle.

During the visit, the mayor of the capital will participate at the second Session of the Cities in Transition: "48 hours of sustainable management of resources: To produce and consume differently".

The main topics that will be discussed during the event relate to: territorial resource management - tools needed to be applied in public policy; reducing consumption and developing public policies; sustainable management of resources through a common approach, etc.

Ion Ceban will also have a meeting with the mayor Eric Piolle, but also with other officials from the municipal administration of Grenoble.

Discussions will focus on revitalizing collaborative relations, in the context of the twinning agreement between the two cities, cooperation on various fields, as well as application to joint projects, refugee crisis management, etc.

According to Ion Ceban, the city of Grenoble holds the title of "Green Capital of Europe" for 2022. And this will encourage and inspire other cities to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the experience of Grenoble, to promote urban policies and good practices.

It is worth mentioning that in modern history, the city of Chisinau concluded its first twinning agreement on January 25, 1977, with Grenoble. The document was signed in Grenoble, between mayors Hubert Dubedou and Nicolae Guzun.