The official page of the Municipality of Chisinau

The general mayor of Chisinau municipality, Ion Ceban, undertakes today a working visit to Bucharest


The mayor of the capital had a first meeting with the mayor of sector 1, Daniel Tudorache. During the discussions, was approached the subject regarding the capital repair of the old block (block A) of the theoretical high school "Gheorghe Asachi", from Bucharest, 64 str., Within a restoration project, worth about 62 million lei.

Ion Ceban expressed the hope that the stated project will be successfully realized, thanks to the good relations established between the City Hall of Centru district and the Sector 1 of the municipality of Bucharest, similar oriented links, for the initiation and development projects in various fields of the public sector. At the same time, Chisinau City Hall will cover the expenses of carrying out the technical expertise of the edifice, the elaboration of the project documentation and the estimate of expenses, of carrying out the technical expertise of the execution project, technical assistance and technical supervision.

Also, the parties discussed the understanding on the exchange of experience, the implementation of joint projects and programs, on the conservation and promotion of the cultural and historical heritage, the attracting of European funds, the development of tourism, etc. "I was pleased to hear from the Mayor of Sector 1, Daniel Tudorache, the willingness to continue working with us and that link between the municipalities that must continue to produce beautiful results has been strengthened," said the Mayor of Chisinau.

In this context,  Mr. Ion Ceban wanted to thank Mr. Daniel Tudorache for the support granted over the years by the Romanian side, for the projects realized in Chisinau, including the one regarding the reconstruction of the granite staircase in the "Valea Morilor" Park.