The official page of the Municipality of Chisinau

The Chisinau Municipality provides Ukrainian citizens with temporary protection status


    Chisinau City Hall informs that currently 20,380 Ukrainian citizens have temporary protection status in Chisinau.

           At the same time, the number of displaced persons from Ukraine who benefit from temporary protection status in Chisinau is increasing.

     Only in the last week, the number of beneficiaries in Chisinau municipality increased by 516 people.

          In all, there are 38,172 Ukrainian citizens with temporary protection status in the Republic of Moldova.

     The temporary protection status also gives Ukrainian citizens the following rights:

  • to stay in the territory of the Republic of Moldova for the period of temporary protection granted;
  • to work;
  • to have access to accommodation in temporary accommodation centres for people in need;
  • to receive primary and emergency healthcare;
  • de a avea acces la învățământ general, în cazul minorilor;
  • to benefit from social assistance measures.


 More information on the protection of refugees is available at: