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The Chisinau City Hall has laid flowers at the bust of poet Grigore Vieru, from the Alley of Classics


The administration of the Chisinau City Hall, heads of structural subdivisions and representatives of sector prices laid flowers at the bust of the poet Grigore Vieru, on the Alley of Classics of Romanian Literature, as a tribute to the late poet, on the 89th anniversary of his birth.

Grigore Vieru (14.02.1935-18.01.2009) was one of the greatest contemporary Romanian poets.

His verses have educated generations of children, starting with "Albinuta" and "Abecedarul", have educated us in a patriotic spirit, have awakened our national conscience, in the period of national rebirth, have urged us to love nature and our native land, to honour our homeland and our mother.  

To honour the name and work of the poet, a street in Chisinau and several educational institutions in the municipality of Chisinau bear the name of Grigore Vieru.