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(Video) The Administration of Chisinau City Hall commemorated Mihai Eminescu on the 135th anniversary of his passing.


The Adminsitration of Chisinau City Hall, including Deputy Mayors Olga Ursu, Angela Cutasevici, and Irina Gutnic, along with Districts administrators and heads of municipal enterprises, laid flowers on Saturday at Mihai Eminescu's monument in the National Theatre Square and at his bust on the Alley of Romanian Literature Classics, commemorating 135 years since the passing of our literary "Luceafarul."

Deputy Mayor Angela Cutasevici emphasized the duty of our generation to honor Mihai Eminescu, the unparalleled poet who defined our national identity and celebrated human values such as mother, nation, traditions, nature, and spirituality through his writings.

Additionally, the Deputy Mayor reiterated the invitation from the Chisinau City Hall for residents and visitors of the capital to participate in a musical-poetic performance dedicated to Mihai Eminescu, titled "Nu credeam sa-nvat a muri vreodata" (I Never Thought I'd Learn to Die), scheduled for 6:00 PM at "Mihai Eminescu" Square, featuring recitals, music, and theatrical pieces showcasing the Poet's works.

Deputy Mayor Irina Gutnic stated that Eminescu should always be celebrated for his entire literary legacy, left as an inheritance for today's generations, serving as a source of inspiration for people of culture and art, and helping to understand societal realities.

Honoring the Poet in Chisinau is an opportunity to pay tribute to artists, reflect on the fate of culture, and appreciate national heritage.