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Sustainable Socio-Economic and Spatial Development Strategy


By Decision No. 4/1 dated March 5, 2020, the Municipal Council of Chisinau initiated the process of urban planning documentation for the territory of Chisinau municipality.

The Strategy document was developed by experts from "Master's Plan" and "Cushman & Wakefield" companies, the "Center for the Development of Chisinau" Foundation, with the involvement of representatives from the General Directorate of Architecture, Urbanism, and Land Relations, as well as other local experts.

The documents and stages of the Strategy can be studied HERE.

The socio-economic development strategy addresses critical topics for citizens, such as the development of a comfortable urban environment, socio-demographic development, socio-economic development of the territory, development of transportation and technical infrastructure, and the development of natural heritage potential and environmental protection.

The document was presented to the public on January 31, 2022.

Subsequently, a series of consultations on the document were conducted in various domains, including transportation, infrastructure, economy, culture, with experts, scientific communities, and focus groups, as well as suburban areas.

From January 31 to February 28, 2022, public discussions were organized with experts:


During the debates, all chapters of the Socio-Economic and Sustainable Spatial Development Strategy of Chisinau Municipality were discussed.

In May 2022, extensive public consultations were organized with civil society. Representatives of non-governmental organizations, ministries, and international organizations were also invited to these consultations.


As a result of the public consultations conducted on May 16-17-18-19, 2022, with civil society and the recommendations/proposals received, a table of divergences will be developed to be analyzed by the authors and developers of the Strategy.

In July 2022, meetings were held with the "Working Group on Monitoring the Development Concept of Chisinau Municipality and the General Urban Planning Plan" and municipal councilors. The agenda of the meeting included reports on the consultation process of the Socio-Economic and Sustainable Spatial Development Strategy of Chisinau Municipality.


Following the latest meetings, suggestions and observations from the General Directorate of Architecture, Urbanism, and Land Relations were sent to all departments of the City Hall and members of the working group for reviewing the changes made during the adjustment process of Stage I of the document.

Based on the adjusted final document, the draft decision "On the Approval of the Action Plan for the Issuance of the Zoning Plan of Chisinau Municipality and the Update of the Urban Development Plan of Chisinau City" was finalized and submitted for examination by the Municipal Council but has not yet been approved.

Upon its approval, the procurement procedures for the development of the Terms of Reference for Stage II of the Strategy and for the development/update of the General Urban Planning Plan will be initiated.