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Solving urgent problems stated by citizens through the "" platform


Chisinau City Hall reports that between 13 to 24 July this year, the municipality's dwellers reported 151 issues using the platform, of which 22 were solved.

Most of the problems published by citizens during the reporting period refer to the condition of roads, pits and road signs, unauthorized buildings, parks, squares, green spaces and stray dogs.

A report in this regard was presented during the weekly meeting by Adrian Talmaci, Interim Secretary of the Chisinau Municipal Council.

According to the report, the problems solved recently: sanitary work, installation of new benches in yards, evacuation of objects (concrete blocks) that limited access to public places, maintenance of green spaces, catching and sterilization of street dogs, etc.

In this context, the General Mayor, Ion Ceban, described as good the attitude of those responsible for solving the problems stated on the platform, at the same time requested more control over the work done, because there were cases with erroneous answers: reported as solved, but in fact, nothing has been done or sent to other institutions for resolution. 

"I understand that certain problems are complicated and there are not enough financial resources. However, the Districts' City Halls should keep the situation under control, because people are assessing our work," the Mayor said.

We remind you that the electronic notification platform "" was created to provide communication between the citizen and the public authorities, in order to solve the urgent problems in the city.

Thus, residents of the capital are urged to report problems that require immediate solution and participation by the municipality, such as: garbage in public places, trees that are risk of falling, posters/installations/objects that present a danger, stray dogs, etc.