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„Respirăm într-un glas” - exhibition at the Museum of Chisinau, on the occasion of World Environment Day


Chisinau City Hall informs that on June 11, 2021, at the 17:00 o'clock, the exhibition „Respirăm într-un glas" will be launched at the Chisinau Museum of History on the occasion of World Environment Day. The event is organized by the Chisinau Museum of History and the Culture Department, in partnership with the "Art Platform" Association.

The exhibition contains works created by Moldovan artists, in the period of March 2020 - present.

 The „Respirăm într-un glas" initiative is the result of the "Pandemic, Artist and Ecology" project, focused on the creative convergence of artists, photographers, activists and ecologists during global transformations and changes.

he exhibition brought together artists from the left and right side of the Dniester, as well as from the diaspora, within the "Culture"  Platform, supported by the program "Support for Confidence - Building Measures" (EU-SBM V), funded by the European Union and implemented by through the United Nations Development Program.

The exhibited works offer a common journey into a world without borders, which over the last year have dispersed people and hindered interaction and consolidation. The exhibition space actually blurs the borders between countries and regions, forming a space for dialogue and communication, where the artist and the spectator (visitor) can breathe together, immersing themselves in the daily life of the artist, in his environment, in worries, in dreams , fears and ways of working with a new reality. "„Respirăm într-un glas"- it's such a natural process for people, but nowadays it has gained great value for all humanity" - summed up the main idea of the exhibition Tatiana Fiodorova, author of the project "Pandemic, Artist and Ecology", artist, president of the ART- PLOSHADKA Platform.

Participants at the exhibition: Anna Galatonova (Tiraspol), Elena Stepanova, (Dubasari), Valeria Barbas (Chisinau), Alexandru Raevschi (Chisinau - Marburg), Ramin Mazur (Ribnita - Chisinau), Ivan Yalanji  (Kopchak - Moscow), Victor Ciobanu (Macarești - Chisinau), Tatiana Fiodorova (Chisinau), Igor Shcherbina (Chisinau - Moscow), Mihail Kalarașan (Ribnita - Chisinau), Dumitru Oboroc (Nisporeni - Iasi), Pavel Braila (Chisinau - Berlin), Veaceslav Druța (Chisinau - Quebec), Ghenadie Popescu (Floresti - Chisinau), Lilia Nenescu (Chisinau).

Opening hours of the exhibition: June 11-22, 2021, Chisinau Museum of History, between 10:00 - 18:00 o'clock, days off: Sunday and Monday.