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Repair and maintenance works of the road infrastructure in Chisinau, executed between 04 and 10 March 2024


Chisinau City Hall informs that during the period: 04 - 10 March 2024, road workers in the capital continued maintenance and repair works on municipal public roads, through actions of liquidation of damage situations, sanitation of streets and cleaning the rainwater network.

In order to ensure normal road traffic conditions, work was carried out to fill potholes with cold asphalt over a total area of 500 m² on the main and secondary streets of the city and on the access roads and suburban roads used by municipal public transport.

These solutions are temporary, until the production and delivery of hot mix asphalt to pave the public roads for a longer service life.

At the same time, during the previous week, the cleaning actions (disposal of garbage and pumping of sludge) from the rainwater evacuation system continued, being subjected to the interventions 174 elements of rainwater sewerage.

With reference to the sanitation of public roads, the main and secondary arteries in the city, the areas of the public transport waiting stations, as well as the underground passages, were cleaned of sludge and organic waste, in total, about 70 waste races were carried out.

On 40 main streets of all sectors of the city was washed the roadway, to prevent the formation and lifting of dust. Also, the protection parapet on the streets was cleaned: Muncesti, blvd. Dacia and the estacada of Singera, over a total length of over 3200 linear meters.

During the same period, the road delineators on the Singera staircase were cleaned and washed, as well as several intersections, such as: Ismail Street - Calea Basarabiei, Uzinelor Street - Vadul lui Voda Street, Tudor Vladimirescu Street - Vadul lui Voda Street, Uzinelor Street - Voluntarilor Street.

To increase traffic safety, more than 80 road signs have been repaired in all parts of the city.

Also in the context of traffic safety, in the previous week, the installation of the pedestrian traffic lights and the relocation of the pedestrian crossing on Bogdan Voievod street, in the area of the roundabout at the intersection with blv. Moscow, Kiev and Alecu Russo streets.

The reconfiguration of the pedestrian crossing involved a wide range of works: lowering the kerbs to road level, installing the protective parapet, installing the pedestrian traffic light, installing the appropriate road signs and marking the new pedestrian crossing.