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Rehabilitation of the Cathedral Garden Project continues


Chisinau City Hall announces the continuation of the rehabilitation project of the Cathedral Garden in the centre of the capital.

The project is carried out by the Chisinau Local Authority with the support of the Buzău County Council. The financial resources are allocated from the municipal budget and part of the amount is offered as a donation by the Buzău County Council.

It should be noted that the rehabilitation of the public garden infrastructure was made possible after repeated administrative approaches to the Ministry of Culture. Also, for the first time, an automated irrigation system has been installed on the green areas of the Cathedral Garden, which will ensure proper care of the plants and trees.

At this stage, work is underway to rehabilitate the paths and repair the shrubs. A new children's playground is also planned.

During the first phase of the project, essential works have been carried out, including:

  • installation of a modern irrigation system;
  • upgrading the street lighting with the installation of new pylons;
  • installation of a video monitoring system around the perimeter of the public garden;
  • repair of the shrubs;
  • changing street furniture;
  • rehabilitation of alleys.

The actions will transform the Metropolitan Cathedral Square Public Garden into an attractive and functional space for the inhabitants of the city.