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Fairs with local products in the capital's districts on the weekend: 08- 09 June 2024


Chisinau City Hall informs that during the weekend: 08 - 09 June 2024, several fairs and fairs with local products and goods will be held in the capital's districts, with the aim to support local producers and to give the citizens access to seasonal agricultural products.

In the Botanica sector, in the Serghei Lazo Square, 1 Sarmizegetusa Street and in the "Rose Valley" Park, on 08-09 June 2024 - Small Entrepreneurs Fair, organized in cooperation with the AO "Perspectiva";


On the open territory of the Botanical Garden, on 08.06.2024 - Festival with the title "Great Holiday", "Open Air Kids Party", organized in collaboration with the "Trabo Plus" Ltd;

On bd. Dacia, 26, 08-09.06.2024 - Fair of local producers, organized in collaboration with AO "Perspectiva";

In the Buiucani sector, on the territory adjacent to the "Kentford" building, bd. Stefan cel Mare si Sfint, 202, on 08.06.2024 - "EcoLocal" Fair, with local food and non-food products, organized by the Association of Eco and Artisanal Consumers and Producers;

On bd. Stefan cel Mare si Sfint, 103 (cinema "Patria LOTEANU"), on 08-09.06.2024 - Fair "Yard Sale", organized in collaboration with SRL "Boldescu & Co";

In "Alunelul" Park, Calea Iesilor, 11/4, on 08-09.06.2024 - Fair of local producers "Camara Fest", organized in collaboration with the Pretura de sector.

In "La Izvor" Park, on 08.06.2024 - Municipal Sports Festival, 2nd edition, under the title "Chisinau Sport - 2024";

In the Centru sector, on the addresses: șos. Hincesti, 86, str. Sprincenoaia, 1A, str. Grenoble, 157, str. V. Dokuceaev, 3/2, Ismail, 94, corner of bd. D. Cantemir, "Valea Morilor" Park, in the area of granite stairs - Fair of local producers of fruit and vegetables, until 27.06.2024;

In Riscani sector, on bd. Moscow Street, 21, opposite Matei Basarab Street, 6, and on Andrei Doga Street, 35 - Fair with local products, until 28.06.2024;

Chisinau City Hall encourages citizens to visit the fairs, aimed at strengthening relations between local producers and consumers.