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Information campaign: Keeping children safe during the summer holidays


With the beginning of the summer season, the Chisinau City Hall launched the campaign: children's safety during the summer holidays.

In this context, Tatiana Oboroc, head of the General Department for the Protection of Children's Rights, addressed a message to the community, stressing the importance of organizing a smooth holiday. "Dear parents, educators and members of the community, the summer holiday is a time of joy, adventure and discovery, but also a time when children are exposed to various risks.

This is why the Chisinau City Hall, with the support of the General Department  for the Protection of Children's Rights, is launching a wide information campaign dedicated to children's safety - "Safe Holiday - Protect your Childhood!". The aim of the campaign is to prevent accidents and promote a safe and protective environment for all children, said Tatiana Oboroc.

The DGPCR official also stressed that it is vital for adults to pay close attention to supervising their young children, making sure they are aware of safety rules. And he urged children to be vigilant and follow the safety rules to have a great and incident-free summer.