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Online launch of the "AGORA Interreg Danube" project


Deputy Mayors Inga Ionesii and Victor Chironda, together with the officials responsible for implementation, will participate on Wednesday, September 30, 2020 in the online launch of the "AGORA Interreg Danube" project, where the municipality participates as a partner.

This event is part of the series of actions that replace the public launch of the project and is organized in order to present the AGORA project to a wider audience and to start promoting it in the partner cities.

The parties will discuss the possibility of developing future solutions for free spaces in the local heritage, in order to face the new challenges in 10 cities in the Danube region. Representatives from AGORA partner cities: Cluj, Prague, Szarvas will share their experiences with experts from Lisbon and Brighton, and will exchange good practices.

The project "AGORA - Advanced coGeneration Options for Reintegrating local Assets" within the "Interreg Danube Transnational Program", funded by European Union funds, is an initiative that aims to develop a platform of policy instruments empowering 10 cities in the Danube region to become pillars, catalysts and mediators for the reintroduction of unused / underused land and buildings in the productive value chain of cities.

The event will be broadcast live, starting with 13:30, local time, on the facebook pages: @InterregAGORA and @

The program of the event includes:

13:00 - 13:30 - Welcome and presentation to get to know all the participants in the meeting.

13:30 - LIVE STREAMING is launched on the Facebook pages @InterregAGORA and @ The live event will be moderated by Bahanur Nasya from Eutropian, AGORA communication manager.

13: 30-14: 00 - the first part of the event that introduces the new challenges of the AGORA project and the adaptations through the pandemic (speakers: Daniela Patti, Dalila Ciulan)

14: 00-14: 30 - second part: two representatives of the city of AGORA (Prague and Szravas) exchange their experience with two representatives of the city of non-AGORA working on urban regeneration through the social economy (Brighton and Lisbon).

14:30 end of live broadcast;

14: 30-15: 00- off-streaming final Q&A.