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Ion Ceban, General Mayor of Chisinau has signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Governor of St. Petersburg


On Thursday, the General Mayor, Ion Ceban, and the Governor of St. Petersburg, Alexandr Beglov, signed a cooperation agreement between the Chisinau City Hall and the Government of St. Petersburg, in the commercial, economic and cultural field, for the years 2021- 2024.

According to the Mayor of the capital, the agreement signed with the city administration of St. Petersburg represents a progress, both in terms of collaboration between cities and in terms of Moldovan-Russian bilateral relations.

"We have a lot to learn from St. Petersburg administration, both in terms of urban development, maintaining the architectural-historical aspect, but also in terms of city management, modernization of transport, preservation and development of cultural heritage. I am firmly convinced that the relations between our cities will develop even more in the next period ", said Ion Ceban.

The same day, the praetor of Botanica District, Mrs. Diana Guba, and the head of the administration of the Moscow district of St. Petersburg, signed a cooperation agreement between the two administrative-territorial units.

It is to be mentioned that the Moscow district of St. Petersburg and the Botanica district of Chisinau have certain similarities: both territorial-administrative units represent the gates in the northern part of the stated cities. Pulkovo Airport is located in the Moscow district, and Chisinau International Airport is located in Botanica.

Ion Ceban also wanted to note that the administration of St. Petersburg managed to integrate in the city image the streets, houses and courtyards of different ranks. According to the mayor, this experience of city administration is important to be applied to us, starting from the yards of apartment buildings, underpasses, streets, etc.

We remind you that between April 28 and May 1, 2021 the General Mayor, Ion Ceban, pays an official visit to St. Petersburg, Russia.